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Granshan 2017 < | GRANSHAN

9th International Type Design Competition
for non-Latin typefaces


Submission procedure and deadline

Please submit your entry and your applications by categories by 20 August 2015 (now extended to 30 August 2015) to the following email address: entries@granshan.org

Any person participated in typeface's creation, planning and distribution is allowed to apply to any of competition's categories. For each applied typeface the entry fee is 20 € for each category it's applied to. Same typeface is allowed to apply in all 10 categories, in which case the entry fee will be 200 €.

In each of 10 categories there will be 3 certificates. In addition the grand prize GRANSHAN 2014, awarded by the jury, includes a money prize of 1,000 €. Winning typefaces will also be printed in different media like the exhibition posters. Winners will be announced in November 2015 in Yerevan, at Republic of Armenia's Culture ministers press conference. For additional information contact Edik Ghabuzyan edik@granshan.org

Entry rules and categories

All type designers from all parts of the world are invited to take part in the competition. Eligible are all typefaces that have been designed or digitized after 2012 and meet the competition requirements. All submitted fonts must comply with and use the Unicode encoding system.

You can submit your type designs to the following categories:

  • Armenian text typefaces
  • Arabic text typefaces
  • Chinese text typefaces
  • Cyrillic text typefaces
  • Greek text typefaces
  • Hebrew text typefaces
  • Indic text typefaces
  • Thai text typefaces
  • Korean text typefaces
  • Display typefaces

Please make sure, your submissions comply with the following rules:

  • Fonts can be applied as separate drawings or as family.
  • The fonts that include several alphabets can be applied to several categories. For each category appropriate alphabet will be considered. Please note that the entry’s presentation needs to change for different categories, so you have to send separate PDF files for each desired entry category.
  • In the Armenian category applications should include the signs of Armenian dram, infinity and the enumeration number.
  • The works presented in the Chinese category must contain 200 characters embedded in the 200 Chinese Hieroglyphs file. They are needed for typing Chinese texts.
  • The works presented to Korean text typefaces category must contain at least 600 characters (100 per page, A3 size). Thus 6 pages in total. You can choose any characters you like. They are needed for typing Korean texts.
  • Art, Headline, Script and other display fonts can be submitted to the Display category.

Submission format

Please submit your designs in PDF format, using A3 landscape format (42 x 29,7 cm). Make sure your PDF is printable and not password protected. We will print your files on a 1200 dpi laser printer. No more than 6 pages per entry are allowed.

Your presentation must contain the following features:

  • On the first page there should be all the symbols required for corresponding category with the maximum possible font size. When applying font family, you should show regular and italic drawings.
  • Include one page with text in the appropriate category's language. Fonts should be presented in various sizes needed for large text printing.
  • Additional pages can include characters from other languages, various sizes and styles.