9th International Type Design Competition
for non-Latin typefaces


The Jury

Chairmen of the jury:

Edik Ghabuzyan, Head of Department of Creating and Keeping Armenian Fonts at the National Book Chamber of Armenia, consultant for Adobe Systems, Armenia.
Boris Kochan, CEO KOCHAN & PARTNER, Past President of tgm – Typographische Gesellschaft München (Typographic Society Munich), Germany.

The members of the jury board:

Gerry Leonidas, UK
Fiona Ross, UK
Liu Zhao, China
Angela Poghosova, Armenia
Adi Stern, Israel
Haytham Nawar, Egypt
Aleksey Vanyashin, Russia
Anuthin Wongsunkakon, Thailand
Chang Sik Kim, USA

The list of experts:

As the members of the jury panel cannot be experts in all categories the organizing committee has decided to invite experts for most of the categories. We shall send all the works in certain text typefaces category to the experts, they will consider them and write their comments for every work and send them to the heads of the organizing committee, Edik Ghabuzyan and Boris Kochan. The members of the jury will take into account all the comments when making final decision in choosing the prize winners.

  • Armenian text typefaces category:
    Vahan Balasanyan
    Garegin Martirosyan
    Ruben Malayan
  • Arabic text typefaces category:
    Ahmed Mansour
    Reza Abedini
    Damoon Khanjanzadeh
  • Chinese text typefaces category:
    Min Wang
    Curt Huang
    Zhiwei Zhu
  • Cyrillic text typefaces category:
    Aleksandra Korolkova
    Tagir Safaev
    Dmitry Kirsanov
  • Greek text typefaces category:
    John Hudson
    Klimis Mastoridis
    Irene Vlachou
  • Hebrew text typefaces category:
    Liron Lavi Turkenich
    Yehuda Hofshi
    Anat Katsir
  • Indic text typefaces category:
    Ravi Pooviah
    Rathna Ramanathan
    Graham Shaw
  • Korean text typefaces category:
    Geumho Seok
    Jae-joon Han
    Byung-in Kang

Judging procedure and criteria

  • Text typefaces are conceived appropriate for their use in text
  • Glyph shapes are drawn properly, even in detail
  • Glyphs and overall concept comply to the particularities of the script system
  • Proportions are well-balanced
  • Spacings and Kernings are applied properly
  • The design shows a certain amount of originality
  • In multiscript typefaces, script systems are harmonised without disturbing the genuine character of the scripts.